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 We know how important it is for you to impress your clients and deliver on time. That's why we aim to provide a specialist high quality trade service ranging from proofing through to large production runs.  For many years printers and designers have come to us for our Foiling, Embossing and Die Cutting expertise. They keep coming back to us for our depth of experience and our continued commitment to achieving the best result possible. We will work with you to meet tight deadlines, through our flexible production system and a fast turnaround on die and block making.

Our wide range of celloglazing films allow us to control the superior quality of any embellishment we combine with this process. We offer various options to suit both digital and offset print.

Also available at Daroji are the eye-catching gold and silver metallised cello coatings which we can Foil, Emboss or Deboss. This finish is also suitable for offset printing using TSP or UV inks.


Daroji now also offers Anti-microbial cello, the latest in print finishing technology. This new product actually inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Ask us about it today!

Foil, Emboss + Deboss

Specialists in the art of applying luxurious finishes to create unique and striking creations, we offer Hot Stamp Foil, Emboss, Deboss, Multi-Dimensional Emboss/Deboss and Combination Foil-Emboss, a one-step process using specialty blocks (commonly used for security seals on certificates).

Die Cut + Crease

Die cutting gives your printed materials crisp creases and clean cuts. Popular for creating folders, envelopes and windows, with our specialty being intricate and complex shapes. We also offer creasing + perforation.

Celloglaze + Encapsulate

Add a durable or tactile finish with cello. Available in Matt, Gloss, Durable (Anti-scuff), Soft Touch (Velvet), Rough Touch (textured) or specialist gilt finishes - Gold or Silver metallised cello film (available in a Gloss, Matt or Soft finish). Daroji also offers Gloss and Matt Encapsulation (laminating).

Letterpress Print

The classic feel and finish of letterpress paper takes printing back to an era of quality and craftsmanship. Excellent for use with fine typography or bulky specialty papers, it leaves a slightly debossed impression look on the sheet.



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